"I said you were pretty and with one word I can make you again an ugly loser! So choose! Them or Me?!

(Bea Holder) Bea's threat for Robot in Model Citizen.

Bea Holder is a female Organic and famous fashionista who appointed Robot as her personal icon of standard beauty in Model Citizen.


Bea Holder
Background information
First seen "Model Citizen"
Voice Harriet Sampson Harris
Honors and awards
Age ""
Character information
Full name
Other names
Occupation Fashion critic
Affiliations Robot (before she discarded him)
Goal Searching for the standard beauty
Likes People she considers beauty-worthy
Dislikes People she doesn't consider beauty-worthy
Powers and abilities
Quote "He's UGLY again!"
A mind filled with vanity and believing that beauty is extremely rare, Bea Holder is famous throughout the city and adored despite her shallow personality and quick judgment of others she believes are either pretty or ugly. 

Making her first major appearance in Model Citizen, she had been determined to find the next Mechanical or Organic to become her newest 'standard beauty'. During modeling tryouts, her judgment is very ruthless as she would not only reject a failed contestant, but going far as to thrash him or her with a massive anvil before moving on to the next one. After she had rejected Monster, she found potential in Robot (who wasn't even trying out) and immediately took him in as her 'standard beauty'. After she made her announcement, Robot had been flocked with admiration from everyone, raising his ego and causing a seeming rift between him and his friends. 

Near the end of Model Citizen when Bea Holder refused to allow Robot's friends to enter into her studio's party, Robot threatened to leave, only to be counterattacked by Bea threatening to release him, returning him to his 'ugly state' if he didn't leave his 'unattractive' friends. However, Robot defied her, and with that, Bea exclaimed to everyone before pushing him away "He's ugly again!" and knocked him and his friends off the red carpet leading to her studio. 


She has fuschia-colored skin and a single eye adorned with purple eyeshadow. Her clothes mainly consist of Japanese fashion as she wears a turquoise kimono with yellow design and her purple hair styled up in a geisha-like bun with hair sticks protruding on each side; she also wears golden earrings with the symbol of her single eye displayed in the middle.


  • Her name is a pun on the word 'Behold'.
  • Her personality seems somewhat similar to Ladonna from the Regular Show episode Access Denied.
  • She is the first character in the show to possess only one eyeball, and one of the few Organics having a pupil inside the eyeball.
  • Her judgment of those not beauty worthy and clinging to Robot as her 'standard beauty' is very similar to Photo Finish when she appointed Fluttershy as her personal fashion icon from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode "Green Isn't Your Color".
  • Despite Model Citizen being her major debut episode, she made her first cameo in Doctor? No! in Robot's flashback.
  • She somewhat resembles Leela from Futurama.