Blinking Light
Season 1, Episode 3b
Blinking Light
Production information
Production code
Story by TBA
Written by Dave Schiff
Storyboards by Jim Mortensen
Directed by Sam Levine
Broadcast information
Original air date August 11, 2012
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Blinking Light is the sixth episode in Season 1 of Robot and Monster. It debuted on Saturday, August 11, 2012.


Gart puts Robot in charge of the Blinking Light factory, and Robot finds this the chance to prove how much of a better supervisor he is than his brother, starting by revoking every single ridiculous rule Gart had implemented. However, with no rules and the workers slacking off, Robot just might put the blinking light business in jeopardy.In the end Gart is thrown by a MASSIVE PILE OF WATER and says on TV:



  • It is revealed that Robot and Gart's father had given the Blinking Light Factory to Gart on his 10th birthday.
  • Gart mentioned that the Blinking Lights Factory has never made the mistake of shipping a broken blinking light; Robot had broken that reputation at the end of this episode.
  • Gart had received the award for Biggest M.E.A.N.I.E. of the Year, a name that qualifies him greatly despite its acronym.
  • This marks the second time Ogo is present inside the Blinking Light factory. The first was in Safety First.
    • This is the first time J.D. and Spitfire are inside the factory as well.
  • Some of the factory's unfair rules are targeted specifically towards Robot. A picture of him mimicking Gart is even posted on the factory's pinboard for the 'No mimicking Gart' rule.
  • This is the first time we get a glimpse of the factory's sewage plant. It doesn't appear again, along with the amusement park rides there, until the episode Ogo's Birthday.


Robot: Who died and made him leader?!

Monster: No one did. Your dad gave him the factory for his 10th birthday.

Robot: (frustrated) I know...

Punch Morley: Gart! That guy is really strict. I'll never forget what he said to me the other day.

Perry: I hate Gart! Every day he tells me "Hey, wipe that smile off your face!" He knows my face gears are stuck! It's not funny!

Robot: It's a little funny.

Perry: You just made the list, buddy!

Robot: Neh, Neh, Neh!

Monster: Don't Make That Face! There is A No That Face Pollicy (Monster Shows Robot The Sign Of Him Mimicing Gart.)!

(After Robot wakes up from going through the labor of preparing the blinking lights himself and seeing Monster, J.D., Spitfire, and Ogo appear before him)

Robot: Why are you all here?

J.D.: Because we're your friends!

Monster: We love-love you!

Spitfire: Because we would do anything for you...within reason...if we feel like it. (reluctantly sighs) J.D. forced me to come.



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