Bob is a utility character who appears in many episodes. His first speaking role was in The Blimp during a commercial he was drafted in for Hal Worth-A-Ton's blimp dealership; his only dialogue during the commercial was 'No' before getting punched, and he angrily yelled "You said the punch would be fake!". Later on during the episode, he was drafted into Nessie 's commercial for the Makin' Bacon , his role equivalent to Hal Worth-A-Ton's, followed by another punch; he walked out of the commercial muttering, "I'm so done with acting".

His voice in The Blimp sounded much more pompous and haughty while in Blinking Light, his voice sounded smooth and much deeper; almost similar to Punch Morley's.

In Blinking Light, he had suffered through a factory incident which resulted in one of his arms getting torn off. It was against Gart's factory policy that no one was to leave for the hospital because of severed limbs during working hours. However, because Robot was temporary supervisor of the factory during the episode, his request was granted, and later on during the episode he was shown with his arm re-attached.

In Letterology, it was revealed that he went to the same high school as Robot. He was part of Lucy's council when they placed Robot on trial to revoke his award; when Lucy demanded how Robot (who she still doesn't remember as continued from Ogo's Friend) ever got nominated, the rest of the council stated they hadn't voted for him as well, and Moby even confessed he had never voted at all.


He appears to be strongly-built with a bronze-colored exterior. He has a straight antenna atop his head, nearly similar to Gart's. His arms are thick and well-built with silver coating and he moves with one wheel, similar to Ogo and Spitfire.


  • He is one of the rarest characters on Robot and Monster.
  • Later he appears as just "Bob" in Anger Management, voiced by Rob Paulsen.