RB TheCast

The Entire Robot and Monster cast!

Full Cast Listing for Robot And Monster


Angry Cyber Monkey- Maurice LaMarche

Arpa Default- April Winchell

Blimey- Nolan North

Crazy Cousin Gizmo- Alan Tudyk

Crikey- Nolan North

Dog Lady- Carol Ann Susi

Fuzzy Slippers- Adam Wylie

Gart Default- Maurice LaMarche

Globitha Krumholtz- Cree Summer

Grandma Default- April Winchell

Hal Worth-a-Ton- Nolan North

J.D. - Megan Hilty

Lev Krumholtz- Nolan North

Lil' Lugnuts- Nolan North

Loudmouth- Maurice LaMarche

Lucy- Jennifer Cody

Marf- Curtis Armstrong and Jeff Bennett (speaking voice)

Master Grabmirist- Ping Wu

Robot Bob- Fred Tatasciore (Blinking Light), Nolan North (The Blimp), and Rob Paulsen (Anger Management)

Monster Krumholtz- Harland Williams

Mr. Wheelie- Kurtwood Smith

Nessie- Rhea Perlman

Ogo- Jonathan Slavin

Perry- Maurice LaMarche

Prince of Scamtown- Fred Tatasciore

Punch Morley- Fred Tatasciore

Robot Default- Curtis Armstrong

Saint Crispy- Jeffrey Tambor

Scale- Rob Paulsen

Sir Cranklin- Jon Polito

Snap Winsome- Jeff Bennett

Spitfire- Cree Summer

Uncle Kuffley Krumholtz- Nolan North

Bea Holder- Harriet Sampson Harris

Dame Lady Madame- Ruth Williamson

Nicky the Axe- Maurice LaMarche

Pendulum Depot- Nolan North

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