Don't Walk!
Season 1, Episode 14b
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Production information
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Story by
Written by Jase Ricci
Storyboards by Wolf-Rudiger Bloss
Directed by Gary Conrad
Broadcast information
Original air date September 8, 2012
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Don't Walk! is the twenty-eighth episode of Season 1 of Robot and Monster.


Monster's walking license is revoked, forcing him to take a test on pedestrian rules.



Curtis Armstrong as Robot

Harland Williams as Monster

Nolan North as Uncle Kuffley

Jonathan Slavin as Ogo


  • Despite his wallking privileges confiscated, Monster could have walked inside his apartment since no cop would be present there to watch him.
  • Ogo is revealed to be a great dancer in this episode. He states that he uses dancing to suppress his anxiety.
  • This episode marks Uncle Kuffley's fourth appearance.
  • This episode marks the third time Perry gets into a car accident.
  • The goggles Robot gave Monster, pretending they were 'virtual reality goggles', are the same ones Monster had worn in The Blimp.
  • Another bacon-centered food product is mentioned here: bacon bread.
  • This episode reveals how vital walking is, even going as far as to form a holiday called Pedestrian Awareness Day.
    • It is stated that a license is required to walk.
    • It was also notified about the penalty for jaywalking as Uncle Kuffley had told Robot in Spare Robot.
  • When Monster stated about how dangerous it was to read while walking, it obviously references the 'no texting while driving' policy.
  • The title card is confusing as it shows Robot being carried by Monster and Ogo, when it's actually Monster who gets carried by Robot.
    • The chair in the title card is the same one Robot and Monster used to carry Gart in Between Brothers. It was also the same one used during a scene in Model Citizen.
  • If you look closely at the 'dancing license' Uncle Kuffley awards Monster, it is shown to have no expiration date. (EXPIRES:NEVER)
  • Also since Monster couldn't walk it is weird that Monster is carrying Robot.


Robot: Wait! How's he supposed to get around untill then?!

Uncle Kuffley: Oh, yeah? That's the boot! (after returning from pedestrian school)

Robot: (grunting as he carries Monster into their apartment) Monster, what are you so worried about? It's a walking test. It's just left-right-left-right.

Monster: I know, but I always choke during test. I'll start asking myself: is it left-right-left-right? Or right-left-right-left?

Robot: That's the same thing!

Ogo: Hey, fellas! (emerges from behind pipe) I couldn't help overhearing that Monster has a problem.

Robot: Ogo, not now.

Ogo: Oh, sure, Robot, understood. (after a few moments) How about now?

Robot: Let me guess, you have some advice you think will help Monster.

Ogo: Wow, we are so connected. Now, this may surprise, but I'm not always the cool cucumber I appear to be. Sometimes, even I get nervous.

Robot: Is there a point to this?

Ogo: And when I get nervous, you know what I do? I dance! Dancing is nature's stress-reliever!

(after having finally 'danced' Ogo right out of their apartment, Robot closing the door behind him)

Robot: We really need to start locking that door.


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