"Forgiveness" is a song from Robot and Monster. It was introduced in the episode, "Li'l Lugnuts."


Li'l Lugnuts:
Sometimes, mistakes just happen
Sometimes, we're being bad
We all know sometimes we're gonna go
And make all the other kids mad

But since nobody's perfect
Don't be too sensitive
Breaks are hard to come by
So, hey, why not just forgive?

Forgiveness, forgiveness
Why not live and let live-ness?
Forgiveness, forgiveness
It'll make you happy too

Monster (spoken): Sometimes, people make mistakes!

Robot: (spoken) When they don't even mean to!

Li'l Lugnuts: (spoken) That's right!
Let's not be so judgmental
Hey, you make blunders too
Just go soft and laugh it off
It's what we ought to do, ha, ha!

Forgiveness, forgiveness
Just try some sensitiveness
Forgiveness, forgiveness
Instead of coming down so hard
And if I will forgive you
Won't you pardon me too?


  • This song was the second in the series, the first being "The Happiest Guy In The World" from Come On, Get Happy.

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