Game On
Season 1, Episode 17a
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Production information
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Story by
Written by Dave Schiff
Storyboards by Roy Meurin
Directed by Adam Henry
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Original air date September 26, 2012
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Game On is the thirty-third episode of Season 1 of Robot and Monster.


Robot and Monster appear on a game show, where they face off against J.D. and Spitfire.



  • This marks Snap Winsome's second appearance. His first one was in Speak Marf Speak, hosting the show That's Amazing!
  • This is the second time J.D. and Spitfire are featured in an episode title card. The first was Biker Girls.
  • The game show the main characters are playing seems similar to CN Real's cancelled reality game show Hole in the Wall.
  • This marks the second time Spitfire gets severely hurt, and also decapitated. The first time was in Grandma's Day Out.
  • This is also the first time Monster purposely inflicts harm on J.D. and Spitfire, or anyone else for that matter.
  • This is the first time we see J.D. and Spitfire depressed.
  • An episode of Sanjay and Craig is also called Game On.


(after Spitfire steals his home version game)

Monster: (angrily fuming) You mess with the Monster...and you get the horns!

(after J.D. and Spitfire miserably leave the Makin' Bacon)

Robot: (fuming) Can you believe that? It's all fine and dandy when we're losing, but when we turn the tables they're out of here?

Monster: (watching J.D. and Spitfire ride off) I know. (sighs sadly) I wish we left the tables where they were.

Robot: (saddened) Me, too...

Loudmouth: What a turnaround! I got newfound respect for you MORONS!


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