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Title Screen.

Go Go Ogo! is the first online game plotted on Robot and Monster running from Ogo which can be played on

How To Play/ Controls

  • "Press left arrow key to make Monster jump"
  • "Press right arrow key to make Robot jump"
  • "Jump over pedestrians to get bacon, and money and avoid being slowed down"
  • "Get five bacon balls, then press the up arrow key to use a speed boost"


  • "Bacon Burst": Use the bacon burst power-up!
  • "No Robot or Monster left behind": Go a minute without Ogo catching Monster or Robot.
  • "The hard way": Use bacon bursts and knock over 3 pedestrians.
  • "Bill colector": Collect 10 bills in a row.
  • "Keep on running": Reach level 7!
  • "Brave and Unscratched": Reach level 5 without getting hit!