Li'l Lugnuts
Season 1, Episode 15a
Lillugnuts titlecard
Production information
Production code
Story by
Written by Sindy Boveda Spackman
Storyboards by Chuckles Austen
Directed by Sam Levine
Broadcast information
Original air date September 15, 2012
International date
Li'l Lugnuts is the twenty-ninth episode of Season 1 of Robot and Monster.


Robot discovers that Monster's childhood idol is really a criminal and finds both him and Monster dragged into the ex-children's show star's crimes.



  • When Li'l Lugnuts enters Robot and Monster's house, his body language copies himself from the Tube.
  • This is the second time a musical number is performed. The first time was in Come On Get Happy.
    • This is also the first time we hear Robot sing.
  • It is revealed that the wallet Monster has frequently been presenting throughout most of Season 1 is a Lil' Lugnuts product; it is revealed that he had it since childhood.
  • This episode, along with Letterology, were never featured on the Nick site.
  • Goof: In one scene, Robot's antenna was missing.
  • Goof: When Monster says " Sometimes people make mistakes" his lips were off.
  • Goof: When Robot, Monster, and Lil' Lugnuts went to the sewer, Crikey had 3 henchmen, but after Lugnuts fled, there were only two.



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