Season 1, Episode 12a
Production information
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Story by
Written by Dave Schiff
Storyboards by Jim Mortensen
Directed by Sam Levine
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Original air date September 1, 2012
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Litterbug is the twenty-third episode of Season 1 of Robot and Monster.


Robot gets accused of littering, and Monster wants to argue the case in court.



  • The judge actually made his first appearance as a cameo in Monster Invention. This marks as the first episode for him to appear as a major character.
    • Much like Robot, he possesses two-fingered claws, and uses four-fingered gloves to perform certain tasks.
  • It is stated in this episode that the punishment for 'first degree littering' is a slap on the wrist, inflicted with the use of a large gavel.
  • This episode shows the first-ever concept of wedding/marriage in the series.
  • The second bacon-related food product introduced on this show is 'bacon coffee'. The first being 'bacon milk'.
  • This marks the second time we see Monster wear a wig. The first time was during a flashback in Speak Marf Speak.
  • The shark tank shown during one of the courtroom trial scenes is the same one from the episode Monster's Great Escape.
  • The fairy that is seen flying through the courtroom toward the end of the episode is an obvious parody of Disney's Tinkerbell.
  • Robot does not invent anything in this episode.
  • It is briefly shown that Robot is almost 3 feet tall.
  • The punishments inflicted to Robot are, in order:
    • Trial by rock-balancing
    • Trial by sharks
    • Trial by cannon
    • Trial by rocket ride and
    • Trial by combat.


Monster: This is going to be a great weekend, Robot.

Robot: You know, for once, I agree with you. It's a beauitful day, I'm with my best friend, what could go wrong?

(SWAT officer lands in front of them)


Robot: (fuming as he raises his hands) Well played, fate...

Officer: We got you surrounded!

Monster: (looks around) No, we're not.

(more SWAT officers and vehicles appear, surrounding them)

Monster: (happily) Okay, now we're surrounded!

Officer: You Are Under Arrest For First Degree Littering

Judge: Robot Default, you're accused of First Degree Littering. If guilty, you'll be sentence to...A SLAP ON THE WRIST!

Robot: Just a slap on the wrist? (beaming) Okay then! I guess I'm guilty!

Monster: (barges through doors) GUILTY OF BEING INNOCENT!

Judge and Robot: WHAT?!

Monster: I'm his lawyer! And if being innocent is a crime, then my friend is guilty! But if being guilty isn't a crime, and it is, then my friend is innocent!

(everyone looks at him in confusion)

(after the judge sets another trial for the next day)

Monster: We're looking forward to it, your honor! Because I have absolute faith in two things: my friend, and our justice system. Oh, and fairies! You can't tell there aren't fairies!

Loudmouth: You know what works even better? VIOLENT PROTESTING!


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