Robot and Monster Location
Makin' Bacon
Bacon Factory
Type Bacon Joint
Owner Nessie
First episode Monster's Great Escape
Appearances 5

The Makin' Bacon is Robot and Monster's favorite restaurant. This restaurant main food is bacon, hence the name. Robot and Monster come here everyday for a lunch break from their job at the Blinking Lights Factory. The only known employer is Nessie, who enjoys the company of Robot and Monster since they are practically the only two that keep her business running.


The Makin' Bacon is a large building with its interior appearing smaller than on the outside. The restaurant is equipped with relatively old appliances such as grills and microwaves. There is also a grease trap located in the kitchen that has an appearance similar to that of a manhole. In Monster's Great Escape, there were bars and stalls in which people could dine on their bacon, yet in Nobody Panic, there are individual tables and seats. A Tube is located inside of the restaurant in which people can watch television, similar to the one Robot and Monster have at their house.

Destruction or Abuse

  • Nobody Panic - Robot, and Monster try to run the restaurant while Nessie goes on a one day vacation. A local team playing the sport of Pole-O enter the restaurant, demanding 37,000 servings of bacon. After everything becomes a mess, Robot is forced to clean everything up. When Robot accidentally loses grip of the spatula, it hits the red button, which detonates a bomb and destroys the building.
  • Monster's Great Escape - Sticking with the superstition that Robot is still pranking him with a woopie cusion, Monster begins tearing off the seat covers of different seat chairs.
  • Grandma's Day Out - Grandma 10110 starts attacking Nessie with verbal abuse and then trashes the restaurant until Nessie joyrides her onto J.D. & Spitfire.


  • The Blimp - Robot and Monster are persuaded to buy a blimp but cannot ride it because of the amount of bacon grease they are carrying. They are determined to lose the grease by not eating any more bacon. This upsets Nessie, who launches a commercial stating that "bacon is better than a blimp". The jingle for the ad she makes is "Come on in, don't be a wimp, 'cause bacon's better than a blimp."