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Background information
First seen "Game Boys"
Voice Rhea Perlman
Honors and awards
Age ""
Character information
Full name Nessie Robocto
Other names
Appearance Violet octopus
Occupation Working (and possibly employing) the Makin' Bacon
Allies Robot and Monster and most background characters
Likes Robot and Monster
Dislikes Not having customers (as shown her desperation to rid Robot and Monster of their 'no bacon diet' in The Blimp )
Powers and abilities
Quote "I'll be nice and relaxed, and you'll be drowning in bacon grease in despair."

Nessie is an Organic and employee, and a possible owner, of the Makin' Bacon restaurant. She is mostly seen behind the counter cleaning the dishes, cooking and serving bacon, or other miscellaneous work-related activities. Nessie makes her first appearance, yet it is just a cameo, in Game Boys. Nobody Panic is the first episode she makes her official debut.


Very proud of her establishment, the Makin' Bacon, what makes her business a success is having Robot and Monster as her customers.  It was confirmed in The Blimp, when they had vowed to go on a 'bacon diet' to decimate their weight in grease in order to purchase a good blimp, Nessie became desperate to bring them back to her diner.

It was revealed in Cheer Up, Wheelie that she and Mr. Wheelie knew each other in their youth, and had been prepared for a dance competition which Nessie had forgotten. Robot and Monster had reunited the two at the end of the episode, producing/resurrecting a possible romance between the two.

Whenever either Robot or Monster have problems, Nessie's usually their source of advice. In Pinball Wizard, after witnessing Robot's refusal to participate in Monster's dangerous Pin-ball act for a talent show, she chided Robot, pointing out his hypocrisy when he always dragged Monster into experimenting his inventions.


Nessie appears to be a violet octopus, which in the series, classifies as an Organic. This comes in handy when she is preparing bacon, serving the bacon, cleaning dishes, wiping up tables, etc. Nessie has thick, curly, gray hair and wears black glasses. Her eyeballs, however, appear to be attached in the lenses of the glasses. She only wears her work uniform every place she goes, though it might also be her everyday wear.


  • It is revealed in Safety First that Nessie has a friend that she disliked and still does to this day.
  • Nessie claims that she is so good at relaxing, she can do it in a short period of time even after a stressful day.
  • It is uncertain whether or not she and Mr. Wheelie are now in a relationship, depending on the continuation after Cheer Up, Mr. Wheelie.
  • Although she is an Organic, she is mobile with a single wheel much like a Mechanical.
  • Fans often refer to her as the 'mother figure' to the main characters, especially Robot.
  • Her necklace is similar to Arpa DeFault's necklace.
  • In Hornica, she exclaimed 'Oh, my God!'