Pinball Wizard
Season 1, Episode 9a
PB title
Production information
Production code 108a
Story by
Written by Jeremy Shipp
Storyboards by Fawn Veerasunthorn
Directed by Adam Henry
Broadcast information
Original air date August 19, 2012
International date
Pinball Wizard is the seventeenth episode of Season 1 of Robot and Monster. It received 1.73 million views worldwide.


Monster starts playing a game called Pin-Ball, in which a player throws spiked balls at an assistant. This causes things to turn around as Robot must now be Monster's guinea pig.



  • Perry openly stated to Robot that he doesn't like him, which Robot already found obvious.
  • Perry was used as a substitute guinea pig for Robot's invention in this episode.
  • The kiln in Robot and Monster's kitchen is shown used for the very first time in the series.
  • After Monster receives his award for winning the talent show competition, you can hear someone shout 'Way to go, Monster!' while the crowd cheers for him.
  • Robot's invention(s): Insta-Travel-Tron.
  • The main hobbies Monster learns that benefit him at the end of the episode: yodeling, pogo-jumping, plate spinning, and pottery.
  • Ogo, J.D. & Spitfire do not appear in this episode.
  • The stage where the talent show was taking place is the exact one from Monster's Great Escape.
  • This episode was named for the song of the same name by The Who.


(after Monster tests out Robot's Insta-Travel-Tron)

Robot: Monster! Are you okay?

Monster: I'm great! That was just like a roller coaster, except shorter and with more walls!

Nessie: And the talent show is too dangerous for you?

Monster: I found the perfect hobby! It's really fun, and you won't even get hurt!

Robot: HUH?!

Robot: (after Monster comes home) Well, look who's finally done with Pin-ball practice...

Monster: Done? Oh, I just need another one of these. (holds up silhouette of Robot) Completely obliterated the last one! I must be getting better, it took me twice as long to destroy it!

Perry: I don't like pain.

Robot: Noted.

Perry: And I don't like YOU!

Robot: Also noted.

Perry: You sure this thing won't hurt?

Robot: You'll feel fine! (if it doesn't explode)

Perry: Was that something about EXPLODING!!!!!

(after Perry gets injured from testing Robot's Insta-Travel-Tron)

Robot: (writes on clipbaord) Okay...silver-line sparkplug: no good. (turns to Perry laying face-flat on the floor) So, same time tomorrow?

Perry: I am going to punch you SO HARD!


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