[The episode begins with Monster and robot on their blimp in the air.]

Robot: Isn't this great? Cruising down the open sky, with the wind blowing through your antenna... [Monster looks disappointed] ...or horns.

Monster: What do you say we take this to the next level?

Robot: YEAH! Let's do it! [Robot steps on the pedal, the speedometer starts going up, and the blimp starts moving faster]

Robot and Monster: Woo-hoo! Whee! Yeah, haha!

Robot: I've never felt so free! [Police sirens are heard, and a police blimp pulls up behind Robot and Monster's blimp] Uh-oh.

[Scene changes to Robot and Monster's apartment.]

Robot: [holding a speeding ticket] A speeding ticket? For going 3 and a 2?! How am I supposed to pay this huge fine?

Monster: I know! You can not pay it! They'll never see it coming, because it won't be coming, because you won't pay it!

Robot: Then they'll just double the fine.

Monster: Then you'll won't pay that either! That will be a battle of the wills! What can they do, throw you in jail?

Robot: YES!

Monster: Oh.

Robot: [thinking] OR, we could call your uncle, the police officer! Maybe he can get them to drop the fine!

Monster: Okay, but I've never really been comfortable around Uncle Kuffley...

Robot: Why not?

[Uncle Kuffley bursts through the door.]

Uncle Kuffley: Heyyy, knucklehead! [pushes Robot away and gives Monster a noogie.] Hey! How you doing?

Monster: Fine, Uncle Kuffley!

Uncle Kuffley: Find a Girlfriend Yet. Probably not because your so darn ugly.

Monster: Uhh OW! I. Don't. Think. I'm Ugly. Uhh ohh

Uncle Kuffley: [Laughs and pulls Robot's eye .] Still up with this Dummy Eh. [Sligshots Robot to wall.]

Monster: Actually he's the smartest guy I.

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