The Dark Night
Season 1, Episode 19b
Production information
Production code
Story by
Written by Joshua Sternin & J.R. Ventimilia
Storyboards by Jim Mortensen
Directed by Chuckles Austen
Broadcast information
Original air date October 27, 2012
International date
The Dark Night is the thirty-eighth episode of Season 1 of Robot and Monster.


When Robot and Monster come across a loose cybermonkey, Monster immediately befriends it, resulting in having the creature live in their apartment, which proves much difficulty for Robot.



  • The title is a heavy parody of the 2008 Batman sequel The Dark Knight.
    • Before the episode aired, the title was mistaken as 'The Dark Knight'.
      • On iTunes, the title remains as 'The Dark Knight'. 
      • Ditto on TV channel guides.
  • The cybermonkey first appeared in Grandma's Day Out, as this episode proves its continuation as Robot even questions Monster if the authorities had ever captured the loose cybermonkey.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Lil' Lugnuts is seen holding a sling shot for a moment in the dark alley Robot and Monster enter. This probably proves that after the events of Lil' Lugnuts, he has remained a criminal.
    • It is proven further when he is found sleeping in a pile of trash in The Package.
  • During the scene where Master Grabmirist trains Robot in self-defense, the entire sequence parodies The Karate Kid
  • During the scene where Robot and Monster remained in the factory after working hours, during the music sequence, if you listen closely to the beat they perform in unison, it strongly resembles the music played in Blinking Light
  • This episode was originally the pilot episode of R&M and was originally written in 2008 during the development phase.
    • In the earlier version, it's 16-minutes long, Lil' Lugnuts doesn't appear, and Robot's line, "Did I catch the Howling Cybermonkey that escaped from the zoo?", is replaced with "Do I hear a Howling Cybermonkey?". This was confirmed by the series' creator, Dave Pressler.
  • The relationship between Monster and the cybermonkey in this episode nearly references Jill Young and Joe in the movie Mighty Joe Young


Robot: I can't see anything but blinking lights!


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