What J.D. Wants
Season 1, Episode 23b
Production information
Production code
Story by
Written by Julia Miranda
Storyboards by Jim Mortensen
Directed by Sam Levine
Broadcast information
Original air date April 22, 2013 (
December 26, 2013 (Nicktoons)
International date
What J.D. Wants is an episode of Season 1 of Robot and Monster


Robot and Monster compete to try and impress J.D. to see who can win her over.




  • This marks the second time we see J.D. beat up Crikey. The first time was in Biker Girls.
    • This also marks the first time Robot and Monster take on Crikey, athough poorly.
    • Perry can be heard shouting (offscreen) that he got hammer pieces stuck in his eye, making it the first time where one of his injuries happens offscreen .


Dirty Money
Episodes Next:
A Better Marftrap


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